Temple for marriage problems in chennai

From the days of glory and grandeur that prevailed in South India the temple of Lakhsmi Narasimha at Narasingapuram still boasts the era of Cholas and Vijayanagara Rayas. In the early period of Cholas Saivism took prominence and Vaishnavism was suppressed by it. Even amidst the situation prevailed in South India the temple of Lakshmi Narasimha enjoyed patronage and was well governed.

Later at the glorious era of Vijayanagara nayaks where Vaishnavism flourished and given much importance in both politics and as a religion, the Lakhsmi Narasimha temple became important along with Sriperumbudur Ramanujar Temple though both are not in Divyadesam.

And the temple is also nearer to sriperumbudur. The temple, a fine specimen of the Vijayanagar style of architecture with delicately sculpted and carved pillars. Architecture in the temple made one think that it belonged to the Vijayanagar periodthere are inscriptions dating back to the reign of Chola kings.

Archaeologists consider those inscriptions in the Andal shrine basement as more ancient and belonging to the period of Kulothunga Chozha I and Vikrama Chozha I. They speak about their constructing the Madurantaka Vinnagar temple in Madurantaka Nalloor the present Madurantakam and installing the idols of RamaSita and Lakshmana in it and the grants made by them for the daily conduct of poojas.

There are as many as 14 inscriptions in and around the temple in which two of them belong to the Chola period. And this stands evidence that the temple even survived the Saivism wave that took effect under the Cholas in the early period like many other important Vaishnavite temples that survived it in South India in the early period. The 12 stone inscriptions that are found in the temple dates back to the Vijayanagar period describe about the glorious past of temple and the Emperors.

Most of the inscriptions belong to the reign of Emperor Atchudha Deva Maharaya describing about the donations and renovating construction led by his government at the temple. In those five important inscriptions belong to the years of A. Emperor Atchudha Deva Maharaya is the younger brother of Krishna Devaraya whose reign was considered to be the golden period of south Indian history.

One inscription belongs to the reign of Venkatapathy Deva Maharaya describing about his esteemed work for the temple. It dates back to the year and also considered to be the latest inscription to be found in the temple premises. All these inscriptions are in Sanscritised Telugu which is still a local language prevailing in the surrounding areas of Narasingapuram. The Periya Thiruvadi Garudazhwar is about four feet heigh and about sixteen serpents adore his body as jewels.

Those who worship this temple for about nine Swathi Nakshatirams are entitled with complete bliss with respect to health and wealth and any associated problems in those vanishes.

Periya Thiruvadi - Garudalwar, is about 4 feet high and 16 nagams snakes are found in his body as ornaments. Lord Narasimhar here appears as Shantha moorthy and has a smiling face.

temple for marriage problems in chennai

In the temple, Mahalakshmi in the lap of Narasimhar is facing the devotees and blessing them. In case of Ugra Narasimhar temples, Mahalakshmi is seen facing the lord trying to pacify the lord's anger. The posture of Narasimhar and Mahalakshmi is called "Paraspara Alinganman" meaning both of them are embracing each other as compared to other temples where only Mahalakshmi appears in an embracing posture.

Garudan here has 16 types of snakes around and hence the devotees are freed of Naga dosham. The name of Narasa Nayakar Puram has become Narasingapuram in the later period because of colloquial reference of the village to the temple and its deity. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Hindu. Retrieved 21 October Forgot your password? Forgot your username? Please Log in to join the conversation. Apply Now. Log in Username. Remember me. Log in Forgot your password? Start Prev 1 2 Next End. I am presently working in chennai. Rithu Visitor.

Deppak, I really dont understand what you problem is. Because suddenly u give reply to some post that u got married through registermarriage. Am really worried whether this website is a true one and whether they really register marriage. Feeling let down. Dear Deepakdoing marriage in vadapalani or any other temple is not an easy task.

Both bride and grooms has to produce the VAO certificate stating that this is first marriage. Application should be submitted at least prior 20 days. After completing above said formalities and both bride and grooms details will be affixed in temple premises for one week.

First you can register your marriage legally. Based on marriage certificate you can do the customary marriage in any temple by simple procedure. Many people think that for love marriage registration, Temple receipt is required. But for marriage registration temple receipt is not required. Powered by Kunena Forum.Parvati once expresses her desire to have the experience of an earthly wedding to Shiva.

This story is believed to be in fulfillment of this wish expressed by her. A dispute in Mount Kailash occured over a game of chess. In accordance with the verdict of Shiva, Parvati recedes to an earthly life and amidst her wandering reaches a place called Komal, where Lord Vishnu assumes a form of a cowherd to take care of his sister.

He releases her from the clutch of the curse in a place called 'Thiruvaaduthurai' and Parvati sheds her assumed cow's form and takes Her normal form in 'Kuthaalam' in the sacrificial fire of Sage Bharata Muni. Shiva and Parvati then unite in marriage in Thirumanancheri. Shiva is also called as 'Sonavaararivaar' for keeping up His word. God Vishnu, upset over the events, wanted to reconcile the couple.

He went to Shiva to justify his case. Shiva told Vishnu about Parvati's wish to experience a wedding on earth and assured Vishnu that all events would lead to that end. He also told Vishnu to take the cow to bathe in the Cauvery so she could regain her original form.

Vishnu did so and soon Parvati was herself again.

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Parvathi was then instructed to go and live as the daughter of Bharata Muni, a saint living nearby. The story goes that Bharata Muni approached Shiva for his hand in marriage to Parvati, thereby granting her wish that she be married on earth. Udhvaganathar looks as groom in this moolasthanam and Ambal is bride, God and Goddess exhibits their view of newly married couple status in the south prakaram. Mangala Ragu God exhibits his view of with his full body near Lord Durgadevi in the north prakaram.

This scene are giving significance of this temple. In this place Rathi and Manmathan join together. By grace of lord Uthvaganathar Rathi gets Mangalya Pitchai it's hightly belived who ever adorn with garland to the Lord Udhvaganathar and Goddess Kokilambal are relieved from their curse and sin besides gets wedding in an earlier stage.

temple for marriage problems in chennai

It is firmly believed even today that those men and women whose marriages are getting delayed due to various circustances, will soon get married if they come to this Sthalam and worhsip God Shiva. Manmadhan is believed to have worshipped God Shiva at this sthalam. The shrine of Thirumananjeri is closely associated with legends that tell the story of Shiva's marriage to Parvati. The temple is crowded at all times of the year, showing the importance of marriage in our community.

వివాహం త్వరగా అవ్వాలంటే-ఈ ఆలయం దర్శించితే పెళ్లి ఖాయం-Thirumanancheri Temple For Marriage Problems

One is supposed to offer special prayers to the lord, after which we are given the garlands worn by the god and goddess. The place is sung in the Thevaram hymns of Thirugnanasambandar, Thirunavukkarasar and Sundarar.

Wedding Festival in the month of Chithirai April-May on Poosa star day for three days celebrated with great splendour.Forgot your password? Forgot your username? Please Log in to join the conversation.

Apply Now. Log in Username. Remember me. Log in Forgot your password? How to do temple marriage in Chennai. Start Prev 1 Next End. They wanted to do love marriage in good temple in Chennai or anywhere in Tamilnadu. She is coming to Chennai for two days training and she will be available in Chennai for two days. So they want to complete the temple marriage process within a days and he need marriage certificate for apply USA visa for groom.

They approached nearby temple in Thiruverkadu, Chennai They said that Love marriage solemnization is not possible without parensts consent and presence. Also they told that booking has to be done prior 3 months and both parents has to give NOC and also they asking for First marriage certificate from their local VAO office. But the problem is it is love marriage and she is native of Hosur and she is coming to Chennai for job purpose.

It is very difficult to bring parents and produce first marriage certificate for temple marriage. Is there any possibility to do temple marriage without parents presence and first marriage certificate in Chennai.

If it is possible please answer the following queries. What is the procedure for to do register temple marriage in Chennai? What is the exact documents required for temple marriage in Chennai? How long will take to complete the temple marriage in Chennai?

temple for marriage problems in chennai

Is it legally mandatory to NOC letter from parents for temple marriage in Chennai? Can you suggest any marriage consultant for temple marriage in Chennai? What is the approximate cost for temple marriage in Chennai?

Which temple will entertain love marriage in Chennai? What are the things needed for temple marriage in Chennai? How to get first marriage certificate from VAO in Tamilnadu?

Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple, Narasinghapuram

Powered by Kunena Forum. Stay connected. This site is not affiliated with Government. IN designed by tnwebsitedevelopment. Basha Associates No.These could be downloaded online or collected in person from Temple office. This is the only document accepted as valid.

Three phtographs of the bride and groom are required at the time of registration. Temple holds social and legal responsibilities to check the genuinety of the Documents. After registration, the ceremony could be performed within three months time, based on the availability of the dates.

The marriage could be performed at a temple premises within Chennai. The cost of conveyance will be handled by the concerned party. Marriage will be performed in Temple premises only. The wedding ceremony extends to a maximum time of an hour and a half. The couples should be vacate the temple premises immediately after the ceremony. Once the ceremony is over, Temple will issue a receipt which may be produced to the Registrar of Marriage for getting legal certificates from them.

Temple holds no liability for any disputes prior to or following the marriage ceremony. It only intends to provide a facility to perform the marriage in the Holy Vedic way.

Temple marriages are solemnized by chanting the Vedic mantras. The priest explains the meaning of mantras while chanting for the couple to understand its significance too. Online Application. Temple marriage Vadapalani. Temple marriage Vadapalani many temples including Vadapalani Murugan temple in Chennai requires Marriage Application Form and an Affidavit jointly from both the parties for booking.From astrological analysis, one can point out several reasons as to why the marriage or Kalyanam is getting delayed.

But the point to be noted is that knowing the reason for delay in marriage cannot solve the problem because we do not have the correct methods to overcome the difficulties.

But rather, what all we have is to perform pooja for early marriage, assuming that it will help. In order to perform the above said pooja for early marriage, one has to choose a temple to pray for marriage. The difficulty now is that different people suggest different temple to pray for marriage. The very purpose of existence of several hundred temples across the breadth and width of India is to help the people living there to get rid of infinite number of problems and the delay in marriage is just one example.

Among the well known successful temples, the temple to pray for marriage near Chennai is the Nithya Kalyana Perumal temple, which is also otherwise known as Thiruvidandai. In the next paragraph, I am going to provide you with the most successful temple to pray for marriage rather than most familiar temple to perform pooja for early marriage. Yes, the most important Sannidhi to perform remedies for marriage delay in the form of pooja for early marriage is the new Sri Vaishnava Divyadesamwhich is, Sri Panchamuga Lakshmi Narasimhar Sannidhi, Chennai.

In other words, every one who visits the Divyadesam and does the pooja for early marriage to the Panchamuga Narasimhar could successfully find his or her life partner without any failure.

People from different parts of India and abroad have already benefited by doing the special pooja for early marriage. Since the Divyadesam is located in the heart of Chennai, one can easily plan to visit the temple on one Saturday evening at PM and perform the pooja for early marriage, which takes only 30 minutes time roughly.

The pooja for early marriage involves the Archanai to Sri Panchamuga Lakshmi Narasimhar with Sankalpam, followed by the remedies for marriage delay that will be explained to you while doing the pooja for early marriage. In a nutshell, rather than searching for reasons for delay in marriage, just visit the Panchamuga Narasimhar temple to pray for marriage and there, perform the pooja for early marriage.

To know more about the success stories, visit the Facebook Page of the Panchamuga Narasimhar temple. Wish you all success in getting married soon! There are many Lakshmi Narasimhar temples in South India. Even then, this temple, named Sri Panchamuga Lakshmi Narasimhar Temple Chennai, which is just seven years old has got the status of Divyadesam It is called the Sannidhi rather than temple because it is an upcoming temple.

Divyadesam is is the temples for childless couples for childbirth. This news should give us a big surprise to all because we all know that there are only divyadesam. One hundred forty five new Paasurams have been dedicated exclusively for this Divyadesam Panchamuga Pariharam means remedies offered by the five-faced lord Sri Panchamuga Narasimhar. To get the Panchamuga Pariharam, fill and submit the online pariharam form.This temple is famous for youngsters visiting praying for early marriage.

Two garlands after Pooja The temple was built by Pallavas. It is near the seashore. A large temple tank is in front of the temple. This is known as the Kalyana Theertham.

There is a separate shrine for Komalavalli Nachiyar.

9 Top Temples in Chennai to Awaken Your Soul

The Lord here stands on Adisesha and holds his consort on his left thigh. There is also separate shrine for Andal. The Temple follows Thenacharya Sampradayam. It is considered a Varaha Kshetram. This temple is widely believed to bestow good luck to those wishing to get married, and help remove obstacles that prevent marriages. Log in to get trip updates and message other travellers. Temple known for marriage - Nitya Kalyana Perumal Temple. Nitya Kalyana Perumal Temple. Is this your business? Review Highlights.

temple for marriage problems in chennai

Reviewed 4 weeks ago. Reviewed 10 March Temple known for marriage. Review of Nitya Kalyana Perumal Temple. Date of experience: October Ask sreenivasaprasad about Nitya Kalyana Perumal Temple. See all 28 reviews. Reviews Write a review. Filter reviews. Traveller rating. Excellent Very good 7. Average 2. Poor 0. Terrible 0. Traveller type. Time of year.

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